Kekeruhan Air Turbidity Sensor Module liquid suspended particles detection

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Turbidity sensor is the use of optics, liquid solution by light transmittance and scattering rate overall judgment turbidity case, since the amount of turbidity value is gradual, usually detected in a dynamic environment, the turbidity value of the sensor acquisition, the need for external Control AD conversion, the conversion to give the corresponding turbidity case environment, so that the sensor also need to make in order to detect the peripheral circuits in the system, with a waterproof probe, mainly used in washing machines, dishwashers and other equipment turbidity testing can also be used in electronic design, graduation design, electronic competition experiments and other applications.
Technical parameters:
1, the working voltage: DC5V
2, the operating current: 30mA (MAX)
3. Response time: 500ms
4. Insulation resistance: 100 M [Min];
5, an output: analog output 0-4.5V
6, two output modes: high / low signal
Low: 0V
7, operating temperature: – 30 C -80 C;
8, Storage temperature: -10-80 .
9, Weight: 55 g
10, size: 30mm * 20mm * 12mm
washing machines, dishwashers, industrial control, environmental sewage collection and so on turbidity measurement and control needs of the occasion;
After purchasing stay mailbox provide sensor specification, as well as provide technical guidance services, not to provide product development, programming services.

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