JY-MCU 3208 Lattice Clock HT1632C Driver with MCU & Support Secondary

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Using HT1632C lattice dedicated driver chip driver four monochrome 8 * 8 common cathode red dot matrix unit, consisting of a 8X32-resolution dot matrix screen.
Coming with Scan function
Using a conventional serial interface communication: CS = chip select lines, RD = read operation, WR = write operation, DATA = data lines. Need MCU scanning, support 16 brightness adjustment.
The internal register operations flashing function, so that all flashing function display LED blinking, opening rate of 0.25s; 0.25s off. There are data mode and command mode.
Own internal 256KHz RC oscillator that can be used for multiple modules screen use.
Dot-matrix screen to support all MCU control: for example C51, AVR, RAM, etc., only three common microcontroller IO port.
Data instrument displays, LED displays.
calendar, digital clock, thermometer, counters, voltmeters.

Resolution: 8X32
The working voltage: 2.4-5.5V
Current: minimum brightness: 30mA
Maximum brightness: 300mA (test voltage 5V).
Shell color: blue
Dot Matrix Screen: Red
Size: 15.2 * 3.8 (cm) cm.

Package Included:
1 X Lattice-Breakout LED HT1632C Module 8X32 Red Dot-matrix Screen

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