HS1101 Relative Humidity Sensor kelembaban integrated circuit HS 1101

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Product description:
HS1101 is based on the unique design of capacitance component, solid polymer structure of the patent
Product parameters:
High precision 2%;Excellent linear output;
1-99% RH humidity range;- 40 to 100 degrees Celsius temperature scope of work;
Response time is 5 seconds;Humidity output little affected by temperature;
5 VDC power supply, 0 ~ 20% RH typical output 1 ~ 1.6 VDC
Accuracy: + / – 2% RH (1 ~ 20% RH)
Product advantage: price is very low compared to similar products
Products applicable to: suitable for low humidity and dew point measurement need occasions, such as wet dry gas in the drying box, cable filling equipment.Corrosion gas;Normal use without temperature compensation;Without calibration;
Product synopsis: 0.34 pf / % RH capacitance and humidity change;Typical values 180 pf @ 55% RH;Long-term stability and reliability, scatter is 0.5% RH/year
HS1101LF for wide working temperature range: 60-140 degrees and is environmental protection product, accord with standard of Europe and the United States
Made of HS1101 humidity frequency output module, accurate and reliable testing humidity is suitable for the need of OEM users, there are small joint is easy to install, can be very cost-effective mechanical automatic installation.Since it is the frequency of the linear output humidity detection module, so you can directly into the microprocessor, HTF3223 than HF3223 a thermistor for temperature measurement on the PCB
Using patent capacitance HS1101 design and manufacture
Product parameters:
Wide range: 10 ~ 95% RH, stable, the proportion of linear frequency output
Accuracy of + / – 5% RH, working temperature range – 40 ~ 80
Optional 10 k + / – 3% of the NTC temperature sensor (HTF3223)
Temperature characteristic is good
High reliability and long time stability

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