6Pin PL2303HXD Cable

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1. This is the line of USB to TTL conversion, internal use PL – 2303 HXD conversion chip, 1 m long, and support the Windows xp/Windows / 7/8
2. Has led 6 wires, raises the RTS CTS TXD RXD GND 5 v:
Red: 5 v
White: RX
Green: TX
Black: GND
Yellow; The RTS
Blue: CTS
3. Can be used for all sorts of equipment development, debugging, burn, upgrades, flash and so on.
4. Don’t crash, undead serial interface, stable performance, it is also a custom the purpose of this conversion line.
5. The line with the market above domestic transformation line, worlds apart. Convenient for the research and development, the province. Developers must treasure.

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