1 channel TTP223 Capacitive Touch Switch Digital Sensor Module AN80

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TTP223 Capacitive Touch Switch Digital Touch Sensor Module AN80

Product Details
* TTP223 capacitive touch sensor IC is a single bond
* board level status indicator
* the working voltage: 2.0V-5.5V
* PCB board size: 29 (mm) x16 (mm)

Capacitive touch sensor switch digital hand touch detection module
Touch Key testIC , vide 1 Tactile keys. Touch detection IC It is to replace traditional keys with variable area.Button key design. Low power consumption and Wide operating voltage are the contact keyDC and AC Features.
Operating Voltage2.0V ~ 5.5V
After power about0.5sec Settling time, this period of time not to touch the key pad,In this case all the functions are disabled Always self-calibrating When the key is not to be touched, re-calibration cycle is about4.0sec

A wide range of consumer ducts
Water of Electric
Button key replacement
Board with blueled Lights
Board size:15.5X23.5 Millimeter
1Pin power supply + VCC
2Pin output OUT
3Pin power supply -GND

OUT You can directly control our shop relay module can also be entered directly microcontroller IO or ARDUINO Development Board IO.

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