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WCS1700 Current Sensor 70A with cable + connector WCS1700 hall effect

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product information:
Product Name: WCS1700 overcurrent detection sensor overcurrent / short circuit protection detection module
product features
a, Dimensions: length 37mmX wide 31mmX high 16.5mm
Second, the main chip: LM393 op amp, WCS1700
Third, the working voltage: DC DC 5V
Fourth, the characteristics:
1, has a signal output instructions;
2, wide detection range DC current 70A AC: 50A;
3, the current detection resolution 32mV / A;
4, output overcurrent signal indication;
5, overcurrent signal set critical point adjustable settings Resolution 3A;
6, with mounting holes for easy firmware installation;
7, sampled current output analog signals, which can be accessed ADC, TTL-level signal output can be connected to the microcontroller IO port control.
8, the output signal is: the signal level of the analog signal.
Applications: Smart car motor over-current detection, stall protection current detection, short circuit protection testing, demonstration teaching experiments and so on, to facilitate the secondary development;