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SWD and SWV Wiring instructions:

1) SW Mode:SWCLK ,SWD , GND these three,Be short of one cannot

2)SWV Mode:Need to increase the SWO

(if download appear:Contents missmatch at: 0800005DH (Flash=FFH Required=18H)
this error.pls connect the Reset )

1) Support MDK3.8a, 4.0X, 4.1X, 4.2X,4.2X,4.5X, 4.60,4.70
2) If ARM Cortex-M4, the best is use MDK4.23

Package Included:

1x Ulink2
1x CD rom
1x JTAG cable 20 Pin
1x Cable USB 2.0 with magnet ring High quality