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SIM808 Module GSM GPRS GPS development board IPX SMA with GPS Antenna

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SIM 808 is new product after SIM908 discontinue

First, to provide information
1 to send a message in English
2 to call designated telephone program
3 specify the content of messages received, the control LED breaking
4 through GPRS, connect to the specified server and send the specified data
5 provides 51 single-chip extraction GPS latitude and longitude on the display screen 1602

Second, Introduction
This module is 5--26V power, when the power supply is less than 9V, you need to 2A DC. Another way power supply port is 3.5--4.2V, suitable lithium battery. Computer debugging USB - TTL can. Suitable portable. Two SMA antenna port, gifts GPS and GSM antenna. Two IPX port for easy embedding aluminum box in the antenna lead out. 1 channel TTL serial ports, GPS and GSM capabilities can arbitrarily switch. Can realize GPS positioning, messaging, data and other functions, the average standby at 80MA {} can provide sleep information, power consumption is about 10MA. With voice and microphone interface. A 4-band, globally available .