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Plastic Chassis for DIY Car 90*75*3mm Yellow 90x75x3mm for robot base

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hanya tersedia warna kuning , material ini cocok untuk rancang bangun smart car/ robotic/ pesawat dll
Material: ABS

Length: 90mm

Width: 75mm

Thickness: 2.5mm

Aperture: 2mm and 1.9mm hole separated from the distribution
New remote control module mounting plate fixing plate

Mainly to the two-channel or four-channel remote control board to use. Or do a simple car when the motherboard

Can be installed in the above with a mounting hole toggle switch , with the motor fixed bracket is also excellent!

Size: 90 * 75MM

Thickness: 2.5MM

Hole size: 1.9MM line and 2.1MM line alternately ranked (can use M2.3 screws )

Function panel above the four rectangular holes, you can install a switch with a mounting bracket.