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Leap model connect rod blocks axle frame gearbox bracket ABS plastic

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Can do the frame, reducer device, build model structure, the product can be cut off the use
[Hole description]: The plastic strip for 2mm axis use; through the hole refers to the plastic through the hole (aperture 2.05mm), does not penetrate the hole is not through the plastic hole (aperture 1.95mm);
The distance between all adjacent perforations is 10mm, in the middle of the distribution through the hole through the hole:
(1) plastic strip front, adjacent to the middle of the two holes through the hole, so the adjacent hole distance is 3.333mm;
(2) the opposite side of the plastic strip, adjacent to the middle of a hole through the hole, so the adjacent hole distance is 5mm;
(3) In addition to the above, the plastic bar at both ends of the left a 2.55mm hole, suitable for 2.5mm axle; more small hole details can refer to the main picture (mouse on the main map to enlarge the details)
Specification: 7mm * 7mm * 153mm
Spot color: yellow (recommended), rose red, translucent, black
Large quantity can be wholesale (more than 100 single)