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Humidity sensor resistance humidity probe (with shell ) HR202L HR 202L

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Resistive Humidity Sensors resister with cover replace CM-R
specialize(at 1kHz) unit ohm
effective from 2095%RH 060 centigrade degree
power 1.5V AC(Max sin)
effective frequency 500Hz2kHz
Rated power rate 0.2mW(Max sin)
average value at 25 centigrade degree 1kHz 1V AC 60%RH sin 31.0k ohm
resister area at 25 centigrade degree 1kHz 1V AC 60%RH sin 19.80.2kohm
humidity measure Accuracy 5%R


Low energy consumption
Wide measuring range
Quick response
Ability to engage in pollution
Stable performance

HR202 humidity resistance is the use of a new type of organic polymer materials humidity sensing element, a sense of a wide range of wet, long-term use of stable performance, can be applied to warehousing, carriage, indoor air quality control, building automation, medical, industrial control systems and a wide range of applications such as scientific research fields.