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ESP8266 Serial WIFI wireless module WIF wireless transceiver module ESP-06 (Shielding small volume)

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1. Support 802.11 B/G/N
2. Communication range up to 100 yards depending on environment.
3. Standard 3.3VDC operation with 5V compatible I/O.
4. Standard 3 wire (TXD/RXD/GND) serial communication (idle high) at 115200/8/N/1.
5. Standard 0.1" (2.54mm) half through hole.
6. Upgradeable firmware.
7. Three mode of operations: Client/Access Point/Both Client and Access Point.
8. Support all major security schemes: OPEN/WEP/WPA_PSK/WPA2_PSK/WPA_WPA2_PSK.
9. Support both TCP and UDP communication.
10. Working as TCP/UPD server supports up to five (5) connections.
11. Working as station can connect up to 5 TCP/UPD servers.
     The ESP-02 can connect to all standard non-SSL websites in the world.
12. Simple AT commands for all operations.
13. Connection based data reception or transparent data reception.
14. Programmable client connection inactivity timeout.
15. Automatic domain name address resolution for public domain name
     but not the local name within the local area network (router).
16. Detailed English user manual in PDF format and will be upon purchasing via email.
The following is the list of AT commands: 
1. AT-Attention 
2. AT+RST-Soft reset 
3. AT+GMR-Retrieve firmware version 
4. AT+CWMODE-Operation mode selection 
5. AT+CWJAP-Join network 
6. AT+CWLAP-Available network listing 
7. AT+CWQAP-Exit network 
8. AT+ CWSAP-Setup network name, password, radio channel and security scheme 
9. AT+ CWLIF-Listing connected stations 
10. AT+ CIPSTATUS-Connection listing 
11. AT+CIPSTART-Initiating connection 
12. AT+CIPSEND-Sending data 
13. AT+CIPCLOSE-Closing connection 
14. AT+CIFSR-Displaying IP from access point 
15. AT+CIPMUX-Single or multiple connection selection 
16. AT+CIPSERVER-Socket server on/off 
17. AT+CIPMODE-Serial port transparent or connecdtion based data output selection 
18. AT+CIPSTO-Socket server automatic connection timeout setting 
19. +IPD-Serial port connection based data output 
20. AT+CIOBAUD-only available with firmware .923 or newer. Also .923 firmware default  baudrate is 9600.firware .91 and .92 default baud rate is 57600 and 115200 respectively.