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DC-DC step down MODULE LM2596S with display

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Module Properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK) Synchronous rectification
Input voltage :4-32V (limit 36V).
Continuously adjustable output voltage :1.2-32V
Minimum pressure difference of the input and output: 1V
Output current :0-10A The temperature does not exceed 60 degrees, when the natural cooling 6A for a long time . Please reduce the amount of high ambient temperature.
Output constant current range :0.3-10A
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 degrees
Operating frequency: 150KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 98% (efficiency and an input, the output voltage, current, pressure differential related)
Short circuit protection: Yes (limiting current for the current constant current value)
Over temperature protection: Yes (automatically reduces the output current when over temperature)
Input reverse polarity protection: No (if required in the input string into the diode)
Output anti irrigation protected: No (if required in the output string into the diode)
Installation: 4 3mm screws
Wiring: terminals, solderless, IN is the input, OUT is the output, with the shell of the module for the wire bonding output.
Module size: 60 x 26 x 20mm