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5V 400mA Monocrystalline PET Solar Cell

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This is 5V 400mA Monocrystalline PET Solar Cell. It is high quality and exquisite appearance. It is used in all kinds of high-grade electronic products such as solar cell phones, solar charger, solar portable power supply and so on.


  • Rated Power: 2W
  • Operating Voltage:5V
  • Operating Current:400mA
  • Open Circuit Voltage:5.85V
  • Short Circuit Current:424mA
  • Dimension:131*110*3mm
  • Operating Temperature:-20℃±85℃
  • Light Intensity:1000W/M2,25℃,AM1.5
  • Package Material:Anti-UV,resistance to yellowing,high transparent polyethylene terephthalate(PET)
  • Base Material:Resistance to deformation, high strength PCB board