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5V 1 Channel OMRON SSR Low Level Solid State Relay Module 250v 2A

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Specifications :

Solid State Relay Module
Quiescent current: 0MA
Trigger voltage: 0-1.5v
Trigger current: 2ma
Module interface:
Input part:
DC+: connect the power supply positive (press the relay voltage power supply)
DC-: the cathode of a power supply
CH: relay module signal trigger end (high level trigger effective)
High level and low level of meaning:
High level trigger refers to the signal trigger end (IN) had a positive voltage and the negative pole of the power supply, usually with the trigger end of a trigger connected with the positive pole of a power supply, when the trigger end has a positive voltage or to trigger voltage, the relay is attracted.
Low level trigger refers to the signal triggering voltage between the end and the negative electrode of the power supply is OV, or trigger terminal voltage lower voltage than the positive power supply voltage, low to can trigger, make the relay, is usually the cathode of the power supply and the triggering end of a trigger mode connection, so that the relay is attracted.
Power supply of 1 modules: power supply must be DC voltage should be consistent with the voltage relay