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LCD 3.5" HDMI 1920x1080 LCD Display Touch Screen for Raspberry Pi 2 3

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Raspberry Pi 3 Board+3.5" HDMI LCD

3.5" HDMI Touch Screen LCD Display Module is designed especially for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry PI 2/B/B+/A/A+ ,using the latest Linux Core System (Version 4.4.19) ,the latest Raspberry Pi official UI desktop file system and the fastest HDMI transmission data support Video and Game (Arcade).for Raspberry Pi 3.5" HDMI Touch Screen Installation Guide, Please Click Here .


1.HDMI interface, refresh up to 60 frames per second
2.Resolution adjustable, support 480 * 320 ---- 1920 * 1080 between any resolution (recommended 3: 2)
3.Raspberry support all the systems, raspberry, kali, ubuntu, Retrope, PiPlayer, windows10, etc.
4•Support any HDMI high-definition interface data input (computer, dvd, etc.), support HDMI audio input, stereo 3.5mm audio output
5.Humanized row pin female seat, save IO port
6.The use of the latest version of the UI interface I
7.The use of the latest kernel 4.4.19
8•Support plug and play, support touch control
9•Support automatic installation drive
10•Support PI3/PI2/B/B+/A/A+
Pin Definitions:

1 ----> 3V
2 ----> 5V
3 ----> NC
4 ----> 5V
19 ----> MOSI
20 ----> GND
21 ----> MISO
22 ----> TP_IRQ
23 ----> SCLK
24 ----> TP_CS
25 ----> GND
26 ----> NC
Package Contents:

1x 3.5" Touch Screen HDMI 1920x1080 LCD Display for Raspberry Pi 3
1x Touch Pen
1x HDMI Connector